Removable Purse Organizer - PokeADot OrganizerBeing prepared on the go can be a relief. This all-too-often means loading up our bag with everything from lipstick to snacks and everything in between. The more prepared we are, the more prepared we need to be for potential purse disasters. We’ve all experienced the horror of digging into our purse, only to find out that our favorite makeup compact has been smashed to smithereens. And there’s nothing worse than having to dig out a pen from a pile of unidentifiable crumbs. Save yourself from disaster by picking up this removable purse organizer that protects things from breaking.

This Removable Purse Organizer Protects Things From Breaking

The Poke A Dot Organizer keeps cosmetics, and other items, safe and secure. Customizable dividers let you configure it specifically to your needs. This organizer is lightweight and small enough to fit in your purse, yet sturdy enough to know your makeup will be safe on the go. 

But this case doesn’t just protect your makeup. Load up the Poke A Dot Organizer with all of your day to day needs to keep them safe and organized.

Here are a few ways this removable purse organizer can keep your purse clean and your belongings from breaking:



A staple in any woman’s purse – keep your powder compacts from smashing and lipsticks from breaking in half by storing them snugly between the customizable dividers. These dividers even click in on a diagonal, keeping round or unusually shaped compacts safe. 



Don’t you just love grabbing your roll of mints and finding the top one exposed and covered in purse lint? Or maybe the top fell off and they’ve all scattered to the dark corners of your purse. Yuck. Keep your mints clean and fresh by tucking them securely away in your purse organizer. 

compact mirror - removable purse organizer


Thanks to the sturdy case, you won’t have to worry about 17 years of bad luck if you keep your compact mirror safely in our removable purse organizer! 

granola snacks


When you packed a post workout snack in your purse, you were expecting to grab a granola bar, not a handful of mashed up granola! Keep your snack from turning into a pile of crumbs by securing it inside the Poke A Dot Organizer. 

pills in purse - removable purse organizer


We’ve all had that moment when we realized our pill cap wasn’t tightly closed and all of our medicine spilled into our bag. Worse, some of it may have gotten broken, leaving powder or gel over your other belongings. With the Poke A Dot organizer your pill containers can be stored without worry.

toiletries in removable purse organizer

Deodorant and other Toiletries

The more your deodorant gets banged around, the more likely it is to break off, leaving you with a useless mess. Not only does the case have a tight-fitting, nearly indestructible lid, but your deodorant, lotions, and other toiletries won’t break because they’ll be perfectly secure.

Poke A Dot removable purse organizer

You can fit all this and more in your organizer, all while keeping everything safe from breakage. Plus your items will be organized and easy to locate. You can leave your sightless purse digs behind.

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PokeADot Organizer

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