Drawers are a staple when it comes to keeping your home or office clutter-free. At least they may appear that way! We have drawers for our clothes, office supplies, makeup, craft supplies, kitchen utensils, and the proverbial junk drawer. It’s easy to sweep everything into a drawer and get it out of sight. You can generally see what you’re storing in drawers instead of cabinets. The problem with drawers is that they tend to become a cluttered mess and then you can never find anything when you need it. The key to avoiding this is a drawer organizer. Better yet, a custom drawer organizer. No one’s life is one-size fits all, and neither should be a drawer organizer. The Poke A Dot Organizer is a custom drawer organizer that changes to your individual needs in seconds.

Here’s Why You Need a Custom Drawer Organizer

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Aren’t all Organizers Created Equal?

Drawer organizers are great because they help keep like items together and provide visibility. They can improve the look of your drawer, and make it easier and faster to find things. The problem with many organizers is they are set up in a way that may not work for your individual needs. 

Organizers with many slots all the same size can be frustrating when your items are all different sizes. Too big items will have to be stored elsewhere. Too small items may still roll around and get lost or broken. Organizers with different sized slots inevitably have one spot too small to really be used. 

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Why Use a Custom Drawer Organizer?

A custom drawer organizer allows you to get the most out of your storage by setting up slots in the shapes and sizes you need. And when your items change, your organizer should accommodate. Whether you’re trying to create some order in your desk, craft drawer, or vanity, you need something that can easily be customized to fit the task. 

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Does The Poke A Dot Organizer work?

The Poke A Dot Organizer is a sturdy box with 8 dividers and a top. The dividers can be moved around over and over just by popping the divider in any of the holes on the bottom of the case. Dividers can be installed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally! Your items will be secured in place, no matter what their shape or size is. When you’re ready for a change, simply pop the divider out and then pop it back in, wherever you need it to be!

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Stay Organized on the Go!

One of my favorite things about the Poke A Dot Organizer is how easy it can go from drawer to out the door. Running to a quilting meeting but not sure which supplies you need? Heading off for a weekend getaway and you can’t be without your entire makeup routine? Why not bring the whole thing with you? The Poke A Dot Organizer makes it easy to transfer your stuff from your craft drawer or makeup drawer, to your purse or suitcase. Simply pop on the lid and be on your way!

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Click here to order a Poke A Dot Organizer and start getting your drawers in order!

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