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We all love a good tote bag to hold our craft supplies, books and papers, toys and gear for our kids, and a myriad of other items. The things you can pack in your tote bag are endless. One issue we find with some of our favorite carryall totes, is that they are lacking in the organizational department. Many totes have only one big space to carry things and have few or no pockets. The key to getting the most from your tote is to utilize removable organizers. The best tote organizer is one that protects your items and one that is customizable to your needs.

The Best Tote Organizer – Here’s What To Look For

Keeps Items From Getting Lost


If you use your tote for carrying around sewing tools or office supplies, there are a lot of small items that can get lost. Needle cases, lipstick, and paperclips all fall to the bottom and get stuck in corners, never to be seen again. The key to preventing this is not only an organizer, but a customizable one. While a basic case or pouch can help keep your small items together, your belongings are still in a jumbled mess on a smaller scale. Your organizer should be able to accommodate tools of different shapes and sizes so they can be kept neatly in their place without fear of rolling around or getting damaged.

Protects Your Belongings 

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Keep your small supplies in an organizer to protect both the supplies and your other belongings. There are countless ways items can get damaged when everything is swimming around together. Sewing scissors or nail clippers can catch a hole in your bag or scratch up your books or phone. Thread can get tangled and pick up lint from clothing or even the bag itself. Pens can leak, lotion bottles can explode, and makeup can break, causing a wet, colorful mess all over everything in your bag. To protect your items, the best tote organizer should be made of a hard plastic with a tight fitting lid that protects your items from being damaged or causing damage themselves. 

Meet the Poke A Dot Organizer

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If you’re looking for the best tote organizer that ticks all the boxes, look no further. The Poke A Dot organizer is a simple package that is fully customizable, has a hard plastic case, a tight fitting lid, and slips easily in your tote bag. Thanks to 8 movable dividers, this organizer keeps your items where you placed them, making it easy to find everything quickly when you need it. The hard plastic case and lid keeps your items secure and protects them from getting lost or broken in your bag. The Poke A Dot organizer is the perfect way to keep your tote bag organized and your belongings protected, wherever you go.

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Click here to grab your very own Poke A Dot organizer and say goodbye to a disorganized tote bag! It’s perfect for crafts, supplies, makeup, and more.

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