keep an organized tote bagWhether you’re a commuter, a mom, a farmer’s market shopper, a crafter, or a frequent beach-goer, women everywhere can appreciate the value of a large tote bag. The problem with these catchall bags, is they can quickly turn into a bottomless pit of chaos. Lost keys, broken makeup, and tangled earphones are just a few hazards you can avoid by keeping an organized tote bag! Take a few minutes to get your bag under control and streamline your next day on the town.

Here’s How to Keep an Organized Tote Bag:

Use Different Bags for Different Jobs

Designate separate bags for specific duties. Save your stylish leather bag for the office and trips to the city. A sturdy canvas tote is great for a day out and about with the kids or storing craft projects. Mesh or quick-drying bags are great for a trip to the beach. 

organized tote bag

Assigning separate bags different responsibilities will help keep you from forgetting things because you can keep your pool badges, computer charger, crafts, and baby wipes where they’ll be ready to go at all times.

Utilize Removable Pouches and Inserts

Separate your items into categories, such as makeup, electronics, and personal supplies. Pick up a few pouches and purse inserts. Store makeup and more fragile items in a sturdy purse organizer to keep them from spilling or breaking.

insert for organized tote bag

Smaller items can be tucked into small cosmetic bags and pouches. Bonus – if you need to take a quick trip to the bathroom for a touchup, you can grab one pouch, instead of lugging the whole tote.wallet

A larger wristlet wallet can hold your cash, cards, and maybe even your keys and phone. Keep these items together so you can easily move them from one tote to the other when you’re ready to go from work to fun.

Keep Cords from Getting Tangled

cell phone with ear buds - cords

Wrap cords, earphones, and chargers after each use and secure them with a cord clip. Store these items together in their own pouch so they don’t get damaged or twisted around your other belongings.

Regular Maintenance

Choose a time each day or week to check your bags for clutter, garbage, and misplaced items. Upkeep is key to keeping an organized tote bag. Take a few minutes when you get home or at the end of the weekend to do some tote bag maintenance.

Poke A Dot Organizer

Save yourself the hassle of digging through your bag for lost items and keep an organized tote bag! The Poke A Dot organizer can help you with this. This sturdy insert keeps your belongings organized and protected from damaged. With moveable compartments and a sturdy case you can protect items from breaking and have easy access. Best of all, you can easily move it from your work bag to your beach bag, and back to your vanity! You no longer have to search for the best tote organizer. Pick up a few of these awesome organizers here!

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