how to pack makeup in checked luggageOne of the most overlooked parts of preparing for a trip is knowing how to pack your makeup correctly. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, women know the importance of looking their best on a trip. Packing makeup can cause a fair bit of stress, and we all know the risk of broken powder or exploding foundation. You may be tempted to try to pack all of your cosmetics in your carryon, but if you’re worried about TSA guidelines or limited space, you might consider packing your makeup in your checked luggage. Then you can just keep a couple essentials for touchups on hand.

But checked luggage can wreak havoc on makeup, thanks to rough baggage handlers, crowded compartments, and changing air pressure. Worry not – we’ve taken some time to reduce your stress and help you figure out how to pack makeup in checked luggage without incident.

How to Pack Makeup in Checked Luggage

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There are a few reasons it might be easier to check your makeup, rather than carry it on. 


TSA Restrictions on Liquids in Carryon Luggage

Frequent travelers know that TSA has strict rules for bringing liquid on a plane. The 3-1-1 rule says that each passenger is allowed to carry liquids in 1 bag that is 1 quart in size, and each item can only be 3.4 ounces. This rule applies to ALL of your liquids, so even if you only have one or two pieces of liquid makeup, remember they will be sharing space with your shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and any other liquid toiletries. That 1 quart bag can fill up pretty fast!

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Carryon Space is a Premium!

Even if you’re only traveling for a few days, your makeup routine may take up more precious cargo space in your carryon than you can spare. Checked baggage is more flexible with space and can allow you to pack everything you need. 


Make Sure You Have Enough

Between space issues and TSA regulations, it might be hard to pack enough makeup for your whole trip in your carryon. Travel sizes may be enough for a few days, but if you’ll be gone longer, you’ll need your full makeup ensemble. Having to hunt down your foundation shade can be a waste of money and time, especially if you’re in a foreign country that doesn’t carry your brand!

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Keep Everything Together

One of the best advantages of packing your makeup in your checked luggage is that you can keep everything organized and together. Cosmetics in your carryon need to be split up between liquids and non-liquids, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to find what you need later. 

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Choose a Protective Case

Once you’ve decided to check your makeup, you want to pack it all together in a protective case. Baggage handlers can be rough and the changing conditions in a baggage hold can easily cause makeup to break, leak, or explode. Glass bottles or powder compacts can be protected from breakage with a hard case. 

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Keep Everything in its Place

An organizer with customizable dividers will help keep everything in its place, so you can find each item easily when you unpack. Dividers add extra protection to your fragile items and keep your belongings from rolling around in a jumbled mess.

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Extra Precautions

Before you pack, take a minute to give your makeup some extra protection. Soft bottles that hold lotion or foundation can build up pressure during a flight. Help prevent a blow up by taking the top off and gently squeezing to remove extra air. Add a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening of liquid and tightly replace the lid. For compacts like eyeshadow, powder, and blush, add a bit of cotton padding or tissue between the makeup and lid to add protection against breakage and mess.

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Get Yourself a Poke A Dot Organizer

The Poke A Dot Organizer is the perfect case to pack makeup in checked luggage. The case is small and sleek enough to fit right in your suitcase. The hard sides and lid keep your makeup from being squished or damaged. The eight customizable dividers helps keep your toiletries organized and easily visible right when you land. When you arrive at your hotel, you just place the organizer by the bathroom sink and pop open the top. Your whole beauty routine is perfectly set up, just like that!

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Don’t stress when it comes to packing makeup in checked luggage. Follow these simple tips, and your makeup will arrive safely and organized and ready to use right when you land!

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