There are few things more stressful in the world than packing to move. We’ve all reached that point in a move when we’re tempted to throw everything in a box, slap some tape on it, and be done with it. But like your grandmother’s wedding china, makeup is something that needs to be protected during a move. Makeup is an investment, and the last thing you want when you’re wading through moving boxes, is to discover you need all new products because your foundation has exploded all over your makeup kit. Future you will thank you when it comes time to unpack and you’ve taken care to pack up your makeup correctly. Here are a few tips on how to pack makeup for moving.

How to Pack Makeup (Cosmetics) for Moving

Clean Out Your Collection

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Moving is the perfect time to clean out your makeup collection. Did you know that most makeup comes with an expiration date? Generally, makeup should only be used for 6 months to two years to make sure it remains safe and effective. Any makeup that is dried out, broken, or smells funny should be tossed immediately. Give away or donate any makeup that is in good condition, but not a shade or product that works for you.

Separate Your Everyday Makeup or Beauty Products

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Pull out a small collection of makeup you absolutely cannot live without for a day or two. This makeup should stay with you in the car or plane during a move. These items can be kept in a cosmetic bag, but during the chaos of moving, you don’t want to risk breaking or spilling your beloved makeup when you’re rushing and tossing your purse or backpack around. A safer bet is to pack your everyday makeup in the Poke A Dot organizer, so the makeup will be protected and organized during the move. Bonus – when you unpack, all you have to do with the Poke A Dot organizer is pop it on your vanity and open the top! Everything you need is right there where you left it. 

Remove Hazardous Items

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Moving companies may not allow you to pack beauty products that are flammable, such as nail-polish or removers, or products that contain alcohol, such as perfume. Save yourself the headache and set these items aside to pack with the cosmetics you’re moving personally.

Prevent Spillage

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Give your open beauty products an extra layer of protection from spilling onto other products. For liquid cosmetics, take the top off and gently squeeze to remove extra air. Then add a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening of liquid tightly replace the lid. For compacts like eyeshadow, powder, and blush, add a bit of cotton padding or tissue between the makeup and lid to add protection against breakage and mess. 

how to pack makeup for moving

Save Small Boxes

Keep new makeup in its original packaging and box. For other makeup that you don’t need right away, pack them in small containers, such as jewelry and gift boxes. Fill in any gaps with tissue paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap to keep makeup from sliding around. Pack similar makeup together, seal the box with packing tape, and label the contents. 

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Don’t be tempted to rush when it’s time to pack makeup for moving. Stacked boxes, rough movers, and hot trucks can wreak havoc on your cosmetics for moving. With a little care, your makeup will make it through the move intact. 

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