how to pack makeup for air travel

When you’re preparing for travel, whether it’s for business or fun, few women want to sacrifice their beauty routine on the go. When traveling by air, packing cosmetics for moving can cause a fair amount of stress. We’ve all heard horror stories of makeup or toiletries leaking on our clothes and the TSA limits on packing liquids make it that much harder. Have no fear, we’ve done the hard work for you. Keep reading to learn how to pack makeup for air travel. 

How to Pack Makeup for Air Travel

The first thing you need to decide when packing makeup for air travel is whether or not you’re checking a bag. Each side has its benefits, but each side also has its own potential for disaster.

Whether you’re only traveling for a couple of days, or just trying to save money on baggage fees, many people are opting to skip the checked bag and squeeze everything into a carry-on bag. Bringing it all with you means your makeup is right there when you need it and you don’t have to wait for baggage claim to freshen up at the airport. Plus you don’t have to worry about how a rough baggage handler or an overheated compartment might damage your favorite compact.

So yes, it’s cheaper and less hassle if you can manage it, but trying to pack all of your cosmetics and toiletries in your carry-on can be a bit stressful, thanks to the lack of space and the TSA’s limitations on liquid. 

Luckily, a little preparation can make packing cosmetics in your carry-on a breeze. 

Poke A Dot Organizer TSA makeup rules

Comply With the TSA

If you’re a frequent traveler, you probably know about the 3-1-1 carry-on rule for liquids. Each passenger is allowed 1 clear plastic bag that is 1 quart and each liquid cannot be more than 3.4 oz. Liquid makeup that is subject to this rule includes foundation, moisturizer, liquid eyeliner or lipgloss, nail polish, and perfume. Remember when you’re packing these items in your quart-sized bag, you will need to also leave room for your other liquid toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, and mouthwash.

nail polish

Separate Liquids from Non Liquids and Tools

Start by separating your liquid makeup from your non-liquid makeup and tools. Space in your plastic bag is a premium, so try to get travel sizes of toiletries, or transfer some of your favorites into a reusable container with a tight seal. Department stores may be able to provide you with sample sizes of perfume and foundation to help you save even more space. 

Poke-A-Dot Organizer

Organize and Protect your Tools

Pack non-liquid makeup and tools together in a separate cosmetic bag or organizer. The Poke a Dot Organizer is a great way to protect your cosmetics when you’re rushing around the airport. Makeup tools are also generally allowed in carry-on bags and include brushes, tweezers, nail clippers, and eyelash curlers. The Poke a Dot organizer is especially helpful here because the customizable dividers can keep your tools and cosmetics from getting jumbled or damaged. It secures makeup to stop it from breaking to avoid those powdery or liquid messes and you can drop it without it breaking. Plus, when it’s time to freshen up, everything you need is perfectly organized, visible, and easily accessible.

makeup for air travel

Make your Makeup do Double Duty

A tip to save precious cargo space in your carry-on, is by finding cosmetics that double up. For light coverage, especially on vacation, a tinted moisturizer takes up less space than separate foundation and moisturizer. Often blush and lipstick can do double duty to color your lips and cheeks. Use eyeshadow trios or compacts that contain eyeshadow, blush, and powder. Try to find one that includes a mirror, so you don’t need to pack a separate compact mirror. 

Following the TSA guidelines, making the most of your space, and choosing the right protective makeup organizer will help you know how to pack your makeup for air travel in your carry-on like a pro.

checked bags

So What About Checked Baggage?

For makeup in your checked luggage, you no longer have to worry about the liquids rule, but you do need to worry about the effects of air travel on your beloved cosmetics. Rough baggage handlers, tight, hot baggage holds, and changing air pressure, can all wreak havoc on cosmetics. Compacts with powders like eyeshadow, blush, and even some foundation can crack if handled incorrectly and have the potential to turn your luggage into a rainbow of color. And the last thing you want when you land for that important conference is to find out your foundation or moisturizer has exploded all over your best suit. Not to mention, you may have paid good money for that eyeshadow, blush and foundation, and so even if it breaks inside a makeup bag, you lose out.

Poke-A-Dot Organizer packing makeup for air travel

The key here is to pack your cosmetics in a way that protects them and the rest of your belongings. 

This is where the Poke a Dot Organizer really shines. The Poke a Dot Organizer is lightweight enough for travel, but large enough to carry your entire routine in one place. The dividers are fully customizable and move around however you need to secure your beauty products. The hard case prevents glass containers and compacts from getting smushed and the lid fits snugly on top to prevent popping open during travel. That’s why you need to choose a makeup bag that will not only organize, but also protect your favorites.

Place the organizer in the middle of your bag, and voila! Makeup is organized, protected, and secured away from your clothing. 

We know it can be stressful trying to figure out how to pack makeup for air travel, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation and the right tools, you can relax knowing you’ll land with your cosmetics waiting for you, all safe and organized in their proper place.

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