How To Pack Liquid Foundation For TravelFoundation is the cornerstone of every woman’s makeup collection. It’s no coincidence that the same word defines the lowest load bearing part of a building! Because it’s so important to us, we tend to carry it along with us to work or for travel, or wherever we may need it! It can be hard to know how to pack liquid foundation for travel. Spilled liquid foundation has the potential to wreak major havoc on your purse or suitcase. Glass bottles can break or lids can loosen up and cause a leak. Next thing you know, your expensive foundation is now all over your purse, wallet, and everything else! Luckily, there are some precautions you can take to save yourself from disaster.

Here’s How to Pack Liquid Foundation For Travel:

Choose the Right Bottle

If your favorite foundation comes in a large glass bottle, you may want to consider squeezing some into a plastic travel bottle. We’ve heard that flight attendants use this genius hack to use a contact lens case when you only need little bit of foundation on the go!

Removable purse organizer

Prep Your Bottle

Glass, plastic, travel size or not, there are a few extra precautions you can take to prepare your foundation bottle before packing it away. For squeeze bottles, take the top off and give it a gentle squeeze to release any extra air. This will help prevent your bottle from exploding due to changing air pressure. Help prevent leaks by covering the top with a small piece of plastic wrap before tightly replacing the lid. Give glass bottles extra protection by wrapping them in a small piece of bubble wrap. 

pack liquid foundation for travel

Secure Storage

Even when you take all of the above precautions to preserve your foundation, it’s still important to pack your makeup securely. A loose bottle in your purse or cosmetic bag still has plenty of opportunities to cause trouble. A removable purse organizer protects both your foundation and your other belongings by keeping the makeup separate and secure. 

pack liquid foundation in removable organizer

The Poke A Dot organizer keeps makeup securely in its place, thanks to the 8 removable dividers that can be fully customized to fit your needs. Keep your makeup safe by popping the dividers into the specific size and shape needed to snugly secure your glass bottles. The hard case and tight fitting lid offers makeup extra protection from breaking.

pack liquid makeup Poke A Dot Organizer

Don’t Forget TSA Regulations!

If you’ll be flying with your makeup, remember to comply with TSA regulations for liquids in your carryon. Your liquid foundation will need to be packed in a clear plastic bag and cannot be more than 3.4 oz. For more hacks on traveling with makeup, check out our tips on how to pack makeup for air travel!

pack makeup for air travel

Don’t start your vacation off on the wrong foot with a bottle of broken foundation and a bag full of skin-toned mess. Save yourself from heartache by taking the time to correctly pack liquid foundation for travel. Click here to pick up the Poke A Dot organizer and keep your makeup safe, even on the go!


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