how to organize your junk drawerWhat do these things have in common? Thumbtacks, a spare rubber band, restaurant menus, mysterious keys to nowhere, a single earring, and a dried out pen. That’s right, they’re all things probably sitting in your junk drawer right now! It’s something we don’t like to talk about, but we all have a junk drawer. Maybe you even have one in every room! It’s the catchall and the place things go when you’re not sure where they actually belong. It may be a necessary evil, but it doesn’t have to be a source of major stress. Believe it or not, there is a way you can keep your junk drawer, without losing your sanity. Read on for some tips on how to organize your junk drawer!


How to Organize your Junk Drawer

wipes - clean your junk drawer

Clean the Junk Drawer

And we mean completely take everything single thing out and place it on a table where you can see everything. Dump loose debris in the trash and take a wet cloth to the corners to make sure your drawer is nice and clean.


Throw stuff away

Go through everything and decide if you really need it. Menus that you haven’t used in a year (and are probably online!) can go right in the recycling bin. Check pens and markers and toss any that have dried out. Keys to your first apartment and bonus cards to stores you never shop at can get dumped too.



Sort your junk drawer items into piles by category, such as office supplies, first aid, personal, and tools. Some of these things may even find a better home elsewhere!

organize cords

Wrap Cords Up

If your junk drawer hosts one or more extension cords or phone chargers, they can really contribute to insanity in there. Wrap your cords in a neat loop and secure with a twist tie or piece of velcro.

junk drawer organizer

Organizational Trays

Now that you have everything sorted, it’s time to go back to the drawer. Instead of dumping everything straight back in the drawer, purchase some trays that can help keep everything sorted and visible in the drawer. There are many drawer organizers available, but we like one that can easily be customized to our needs. It can be infuriating when you’re trying to organize pencils and thumbtacks into the same sized compartments! The Poke A Dot Organizer is amazing because of its movable dividers that allow you to customize your tray to exactly what you need. 

how to organize your junk drawer

Keep It Organized!

Check on the drawer every now and again to make sure you still need everything in there. With the Poke A Dot Organizer, you can easily see what’s in there, as soon as you open the drawer. When it comes time to add something to the junk drawer, make sure you’re putting it in the correct place. The Poke A Dot Organizer makes it easy to create a new space for something. All you do is switch the movable divider into a new slot, or add a new one!

poke a dot organizer

A junk drawer may be a part of life, but there’s a difference between a bottomless pit of chaos and an organized catchall drawer that holds miscellaneous items. Following these steps to organize your junk drawer is an easy way to add a bit more order to your life. Find your Poke A Dot Organizer here and start taking control of your space!

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