how to fix broken powder with water

We’ve all experienced that moment of panic when our purse falls off our chair or our makeup palette slips out of our hands. You don’t want to know, but finally you cross every finger before gingerly picking up your beloved cosmetics off the floor. You trepidatiously open your compact and shed a tear when you realize your designer eyeshadow has shattered into a million tiny pieces.

What now? You can’t stomach the idea of chucking that expensive makeup in the trash, but you know it will be nearly impossible to achieve your signature look with clumpy, broken makeup.

Luckily, there is a solution and believe it or not, all you need is water! Don’t give up on your favorite eyeshadow, blush or face powder. Read on for the secret of how to fix broken face powder or broken makeup with water!

How to Fix Broken Face Powder With Water

Follow these simple steps to save your cosmetics when disaster strikes:

Step 1. Salvage what you can

broken compact

Scoop up as many pieces of broken compact as you can and pile them into a bowl or saucer.

Step 2. Smash up that powder even more

face powder

Yes, we’re serious! It may hurt your heart to crush up your favorite broken makeup on purpose, but this is important to create a smooth finish. Crush up that powder as fine as possible and make sure all lumps are gone. A spoon or toothpick works well on this process.

Step 3. Now Add water

fix broken face powder with water

Now that your makeup is a fine powder, it’s time to add some water. Start with just a few drops at a time and add more slowly as needed.

Step 4. Mix It Well

fix broken powder with water

Using a toothpick, blend your broken powder with the water into a thick paste, until it resembles the consistency of peanut butter.

Step 5. Return Your Paste to the Compact

face compacts

Once you’ve reached a good consistency, take a spoon and scoop the paste into your compact.

Step 6. Smooth and Press

makeup palette

Place a piece of plastic wrap over the makeup and use your fingers to smooth and firmly press into the sides of the pot

Step 7. Clean it up

eyeshadow powder

Use a cotton swab or small piece of cloth to gently wipe any residue from the top and sides of a compact.

Step 8. Let It Dry

face compact powder

Leave your compact open for several hours or overnight and allow it to dry before packing it back up, otherwise you’ll end up with more of a mess than you started with!

For smoother results that may last a bit longer, try following the same steps, but replacing the water with rubbing alcohol! 

Some cosmetics, such as powder, may actually work as a loose powder. If that’s the case, make sure to grind up the powder as finely as possible and then return it back to the compact. Just make sure the lid is tightly closed!

Okay, now that you know how to fix broken powder with water, let’s talk about how you can prevent these disasters in the first place.

While some makeup mishaps are unavoidable, there are ways to cut down on damage to your precious cosmetics. When you’re on the go, makeup in your purse or luggage can take a beating and one of the best ways to prevent makeup from falling apart is to keep it in a protective case.

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