Poke A Dot Gets an Introduction on the Grommet

We are SO excited to launch our product on The Grommet! The Grommet is a website that uncovers innovative products from small business owners who really understand people’s daily needs. As someone who aims to help and inspire others, there is no better partnership I am happier to be a part of than The Grommet. We’re thrilled to have The Grommet support our unique story and help make women’s lives easier. The Poke A Dot organizer was created to help ease your busy schedule, because we know you’re a woman on the go. Poke A Dot’s core goal is to help women become more organized while successfully utilizing their products in an easy and organized fashion. We know that makeup is messy – and can be very expensive. Poke A Dot helps with the frustration of spilled makeup and broken blush compacts by organizing and securing all your products in an easy to use way. Your daily essentials are kept safe from shifting and each piece can be easily visible and accessible. Our modular system is both effective and customizable, making it personalized just for you. One of the fabulous additional features of the Poke A Dot organizer is that the top of the lid can also be used as a surface to apply foundation on! Instead of wasting product on your hand when applying foundation, you can use the lid as a mess free palette. Apply water and soap and you have a fresh new palette to work with the next day! Whether you are in your car applying makeup or in the comfort of your own home, you can rely on the Poke A Dot organizer to make the experience as simple as possible. We at Poke A Dot guarantee that finding your cosmetics can be done in a simple and systematic manner. Let us help organize your life! Find out more and see it live at here.

Jane Lee

Poke A Dot Organizer, Brentwood, Tenn., United States

Jane Lee is the founder & CEO of Poke A Dot Organizer.