Why organizing your cosmetics can lead to LESS stress

We live in a time where one in five Americans report feeling extremely stressed. Naturally, the process to coping with stress is not an easy road. Stress can leave us feeling frustrated, disorganized and overall discouraged.  On top of it all, we must look professional at work and dedicate a good portion of our morning to a cosmetic routine. But what if you just don’t have the time?

Researchers say that over the course of the day, disorganization can cause a natural decline in our cortisol.  As a result, this can take a toll on your mood, sleep, health, and more. Our goal as healthy individuals should be to reduce this risk of stress so that we can continuously work towards improving our physical and mental health.

From first hand experience, it is anything but stress-free when digging through a large cosmetic bag looking for a specific item. We rush to get ready in our cars, which in turn make us more stressed when stepping into our busy work environment. Even in our own space at home, there is a tedious and frustrating routine in which we have to scramble around our drawers, blindly attempting to locate our cosmetic products. For those who like to bring their makeup on the go, this can be even more stressful. Which products should you bring and how do you keep them all visible in one place? The black hole we call our makeup bag is surely, not the answer.

"The black hole we call our makeup bag is surely, not the answer."

The obvious way to avoid such a stressful situation is to remain organized – but that is what is referred to as easier said than done. Poke A Dot turns that said into done for you.  Eliminating the initial mess clears out necessary space in your mind for a more relaxed attitude. Your brain is constantly scanning the environment around you, making it even more difficult to focus on the little things.  The comfort of knowing where your stuff is, and exactly how to reach it, can make all the difference in your mood. In fact, without even knowing it, stress alone makes the process of getting ready twice as long because your brain isn’t fully allowing you to rationalize your own thoughts. Thus, we find ourselves spending minutes/hours just trying to de-clutter our thoughts before we even take proper action. 

Just like a beautifully crafted to-do list, organizing your cosmetics is an effective, stress-relieving way to see and visualize all that you have to take on. There is too much in this life we have no control over, let this be something you DO have control over. And most importantly –spend more time on what’s important to YOU!


Now that's better.

Jane Lee

Poke A Dot Organizer, Brentwood, Tenn., United States

Jane Lee is the founder & CEO of Poke A Dot Organizer.