About Jane


Driven by the desire to live life on her own terms, Jane opened a successful bakery and excelled in medical sales before following her true passion - developing a product designed to make other women’s lives easier. By combining experience with true innovation and her own need to solve a common problem for women on the go, Jane hopes to use her talents to help and inspire other women.

“Like many women, I struggled with how to keep my cosmetics organized and easily accessible whether in my bathroom drawer, cosmetic bag or other container. Then one day I had a moment of inspiration - I would create a customizable container that could take your cosmetics from the drawer out the door. Your daily essentials would be kept safe from shifting and each piece could be easily visible and accessible. A sleek, customizable organizer that can travel with you or just stay in the drawer, Poke-a-Dot OrganizerTM is designed for women on the go.”

- Jane Lee